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The Philosophy of LBI oil free

For us at LBI, the appreciation and conservation of our planet earth, its resources and its inhabitants hold the highest value in our company. Mutual respect and esteem are important aspects of our business philosophy.

Our objective involves using the most environmentally friendly raw materials available on the market in the production of in our products. This furthermore distinguishes our primary concern, to find the best possible solution for you and your company, enabling you to manufacture environmentally friendly and cost-efficiently.

We quickly think ourselves into complex topics and develop realisable concepts, close to practice and then apply them in consultation with our clients: fast, flexible and innovative.

Our training and our experience in the field of lubrication technology, dispensing/dosing technology, as well as metal processing make us versatile specialists. As a customer-oriented company, it is natural for us to treat each challenge as a top priority. Therefore we guarantee that you obtain the best possible advice and maximum service.

Product development

We offer lubricants for use in the fields of chipless cutting, bending, forming and deep drawing processes as well as solutions for machining. If none of our standard products should not lead to the expected success, we also produce and develop customized product solutions for your applications.

Jürgen Büffor

Managing Director

Johannes Lülsdorf

Managing Director